Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Sheena LaShay

Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Sheena LaShay

Have you ever ran into somebody out of the blue and then became fast friends, kind of like you feel you have known them forever? You just click and it’s effortless. Maybe you were friends in a past life even. Well, something like that happened yesterday on Intimate Conversations with my beautiful guest, Sheena LaShay.
Maybe it has a little tiny bit to do with the fact she also is a HUGE fan of pole dancing… but also our mutual love of pleasure, men, spirituality and being turned ON by life itself!

You’re going to adore this interview, it was profound and a little sexy. Sheena has an amazing way of explaining how she has taken the experiences she has had through pole dancing, finding her inner sex Goddess, becoming empowered and unafraid to show up and hold her own space, into every single area of her life. It’s amazing. I mean, just look at her website, is there anything she can’t do?! Take a look right HERE and prepare to be blown away.
If you missed the call on Thursday, don’t worry, you can listen to the replay atIntimate Conversations Live!
Check out her gorgeous bio below:
Sheena LaShay_Headshot2

Known as an Intellectual Sensual Shaman and Wild Magical Woman, Sheena LaShay has one mission: To inspire authentic and powerful living. Having spent the formative years of her life in a repressive cult and surviving childhood sexual abuse, Sheena decided to live in abundance, freedom and joy after hitting rock bottom in 2006. In her quest for freedom and meaning, Sheena became a go-to resource for tips on personal development, healing and daily expressive & creative living through her blog, youtube videos and social media platforms.

Sheena LaShay is now a sought after motivational speaker, writer and producer in New York City. She has delivered a keynote address at Lehman College, has a feature interview regarding beauty and pole in “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self Love” print book by Abiola Abrams and is the Co-President of the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association. Sheena was also interviewed by Dr. Richard Besser of ABC News for “This Week with George Stephanopologous,” featured on, writes for under the direction of Lissa Rankin, is a Verizon Wireless lifestyle blogger and is the Editor of the blog, a couture lingerie fashion company.

Knowing the transformative healing power of art and creativity, Sheena is also the founder of the hugely popular Crafts + Cupcakes DIY parties, CREATE retreats for women artist, Wild Magical Woman workshops and she travels around the country capturing portraits and intimate boudoir moments of women. To find out more about her adventures, her healing journey and her creative art visit

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