Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Saida Desilets

Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Saida Desilets

Well hello, luscious ones! I have been SO busy with coaching phone calls, talking to delicious people that I haven’t had much down time with all the outstanding craziness goings on. Yet, I am so grateful for every busy and challenging moment in my life, and I am even more appreciative in the moments of down time I have to share affectionately with you, here.

My favorite time of my day is when I am able to connect with you. I savor the down time I get to spend with you through my videos. I recently was able to enjoy speaking to the sultry goddess of the Succulent Revolution, Saida Desliets. Wasn’t she ridiculously, deliciously, succulent?!

It is undeniable that Saida is formidable in all things Succulently Revolutionary! She was incredibly astute (and SEXY) in her intuition during our interview. I was very intrigued and excited to learn about her Succulent Bundle that she offers her clients. Check it out here:

Come over to and sign up (for FREE!) to catch the replay if you missed us. I know that even though we can get so busy in life, that the Universe is on our side. We can find comfort in the embrace of The Unknown because when our Inner Us is held in delight by the Universe, life is delicious!

And, take a look at Saida’s bio below!

SaidaNewBio&Headshot (1)

Saida Désilets, Ph.D. is a thought-leader on the growing edge of researching how women can use their minds, bodies, and spirits to create richer lives through their sensual selves. She is the founder of the Succulence Revolution and she’s also the author of the “Emergence of the Sensual Woman: Awakening Our Erotic Innocence”.

She is a co-contributor to the best-selling books of Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Rachel Abrams and has led transformational workshops and seminars for women around the globe for the past 13 years. Saida serves as a guide to women who believe in transformation as a lifelong path of learning, discovery, and walk to freedom.

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