Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Robert Alex

Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Robert Alex

Robert Alex and his wife were fabulous, sharing many intimate details about their love making, relationship, spiritual knowledge and experiences where they utilize the intensions, the energy, the love and bliss of their love making to actualize things and events in their life! From moving states to getting the internet working! You will LOVE this interview! Hot steamy and very sacred and beautiful.

If you are up for some ‘Sexy Challenges‘ you can find Robert’s book right HERE.

Listen to the replay atIntimate Conversations Liveand make sure you check out Robert’s bio below!

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In 2009, Rob began to write a daily blog for couples. That blog has grown in popularity continuously since then.To date, The Couples’ Spot has around 1300 posts! He also began to create Sexy Challenges that year.
The unique scenarios for lovers most certainly add spice to their love lives. But, due to the next part of Rob’s story Sexy Challenges evolved in to sacred and sensual experiences for lovers – in other words they began to share with couples how to combine spirituality and the sacred with sexual intimacy.
So, what brought about this change? In the summer of 2010, Janelle, Rob’s wife, was in graduate school studying transpersonal/spiritual psychology. She came across an article in her studies about transcendental sexual experiences. Many people have had experiences that are not of this Earth during sexual intimacy. Rob became intrigued and wanted to know if he could experience this. Long story short…he did!
Moving forward a few months…a wolf came to Janelle during a dream state. During meditation that morning she got his name – Kale. His name was validated over and over again over the next few days, weeks, and months. Mind you within a couple of weeks Kale started visiting Rob during dreams with powerful and clear messages.
Again, to keep this short, Rob and Janelle finally recognized that Kale is a spirit guide (or power animal – if that makes more sense to you) for them as a couple and for the work they now do.
Interestingly enough prior to Kale presenting himself, Rob had asked Janelle to start practicing sacred ceremonies around their lovemaking. This resulted in them manifesting things into their lives – eventually many things including their move across the country from the Midwest to the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. In fact, perhaps the ceremonies and practice is what opened the gateway for Kale to step through J
All of this deeply changed Rob. He is now not only a deeply spiritual man, but he is certified in Reiki, a metaphysical practitioner with an Ph.D. in Metaphysics. And, the Sexy Challenges continue to flow through him as his ideas seem endless.
Rob, The Guru Of Getting it On, has set his sites on improving relationships around the world. He continues to produce Sexy Challenges (over 80 currently out), while he develops relationship education practices for couples. Rob has his eyes set on creating a foundation for Orgasmic Change to benefit our planet.>

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