Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Kate Northrup

Intimate Conversations – Highlights with Kate Northrup

What a blessing it is to be doing Intimate Conversations LIVE, and being able to share, and be REAL with such amazing people, and to share our journeys in such an expressive and vulnerable way. Kate Northrup and I had such an inspiring interview this week. We talked about how you don’t have to show up “perfect” all the time, and there’s a tenderness and beauty in being vulnerable.

During out interview, Kate quoted an old African proverb, “As you pray, move your feet.” Yes, the Universe is going to have our backs but we have to take ACTION and move our feet! It’s all about balance. Kate talks about this balance and how it relates to both our life, as well as our money situations in her book ‘Money: A Love Story‘… it goes into detail about how to change your relationship with money so you can create the life you desire and SHINE your gifts on this planet.

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If you missed this fabulous interview, check out the replay atIntimate Conversations Liveand make sure you check out Kate’s bio below!

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Raised by two doctors, I got bitten by the freedom bug early in life. I knew I wanted to make good money like my parents, but I also knew I wanted to own my time. My parents spent a lot of time at the hospital, waking up in the middle of the night while on call, and feeling torn between work and family.
I loved the lifestyle their hard work provided, but I knew I wanted something more.
Since I can remember, my dream has been to create financial freedom (which I define as having enough residual or passive income to cover your living expenses) so that I can be a really present mama when I’m ready to have kids.
I achieved the financial freedom part when I was 28. No kids yet, but I can’t wait to be a mom when the time is right.
My philosophy is that if you create financial freedom for yourself then you can be truly present to your purpose on the planet.
I believe it’s everyone’s birthright to have the choice to spend their time doing what lights them up.
I teach the tools, mindset, and strategies to create that choice for yourself. And I serve it up with heaping dollops of love and fun.
I started a business in the direct sales/network marketing industry with my product partner, USANA Health Sciences, at the age of 18. With a lot of hustle and heart I built my business during my Christmas and summer vacations and was able to graduate from Brown University without ever having to go out and get a “real” job.
In my early twenties, I teamed up with my mom, Christiane Northrup, MD, and my aunt and uncle, Penny and Phil Kirk, to build a team of over 3,000 wellness entrepreneurs worldwide.
It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns, though. In the process of building my business I managed to get myself into over $20,000 in consumer debt.
After figuring out that avoiding looking at my credit card bill while doing affirmations wasn’t going to pay off my debt, I took a serious look inside and found out what money is truly about: value.
I saw how overspending and not paying attention to my money were manifestations of my lack of self-value. And I went about changing that reality.

Through new, more loving money habits and a fresh perspective on self-love and value, I managed to dig myself out of debt in less than two years. And along the way I got a book deal and fell in love!

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