How Do You Heal Self Denial?

Your question: What does it mean to lie to yourself? How do you heal self denial?

Answer: Basically when you know you ought to do “A” but you do “B” and you get your ass kicked, you’re in self denial. We’ve ALL done it. And we ALL ought to heal it, for it causes so much suffering in our lives!

But HOW?

1. Find a place where you DID listen to yourself. Praise yourself!

2. What factors contributed to you listening and honoring your truth?

3. When did you NOT listen to yourself? Put an arm around that part of you and forgive him/her.

4. What factors contributed to you not honoring your truth? THIS IS YOUR POINT OF GROWTH TO HEAL.

Now choose to spend time, energy and money on healing this and putting into practice systems and structures so that you connect to your knowing, and courageously follow it.


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