We Filmed 'The Sizzle Reel'…

We Filmed 'The Sizzle Reel'…

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I’ve been up for a lot of reality shows over the years. I did ‘That Ying Yang Thing’ on TLC, Co-Hosted Secrets of the Red Carpet on Empowerment tv, this one is my favorite thus far! (OMG wait, what if my other favorite pilot that I’m in, Kelly Sullivan Walden’s show get green lit,too? How does it get even better than that?)

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We filmed the sizzle reel with the other panel of experts in this glorious two story villa that had a grand piano and a mirror beside the winding staircase that was a full two stories tall! Of course they shot me in the master bedroom! hubba hubba!

I get to be ME, the Intimacy Expert in my full glory helping people get to the heart of the matter, heal wounds, reconnect profoundly and of course, deliciously! Details as they unfold… send positive vibes please!

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All the staff are ‘my people’, totally cool, fun, grounded and thrilled about the difference this project can make!
Universe, what would it take for this show to get green lit in perfect time, with the most aligned network, fabulous location, in a way that supports my business soaring allowing me to make the highest contribution possible to humanity, creating the greatest possibilities for all concerned? Pod Poc anything in the way!
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