Fall Into Love Series: Sexual Intimacy – How to Deepen your Relationships


Fall Into Love Series:
Sexual Intimacy – How to Deepen your Relationships

My amazing friends Ben and Jennifer are gearing up for their last series of 2015 and yours truly is a part of it. December 13: Sexual Intimacy – How to Deepen Your Relationships is designed for you to easily learn essential practices and techniques from leading experts that you can use to deepen your intimacy and connection in your life and in your bedroom.

What I will be teaching:

Vulnerability is the New Sexy
with Intimacy Coach Allana Pratt

* The #1 key to heighten your alluring sexy nature… it’s not what you think 😉
* How vulnerability will deepen your joy and connection in the bedroom… tonight!
* Experience a potent, pleasurable and painless exercise that will make you feel sacredly seductive right away…

Whether you’re looking for the one or already in a relationship, you’ll learn practical information and daily practices that will support you in experiencing the most connected intimacy possible.

Ben and Jen share their expertise from 26 years of study and hundreds of clients worldwide, and make it simple for you to understand and use.

This workshop is made for men and women who are ready to live lives infused with trust, sensuality, and connection. If you are ready to take your partnership to the next level, or learn new ways to go deep in your future partnership, this workshop is for you.

Hope to see you there!


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