Breakthrough at Niruka's SIIA

Breakthrough at Niruka's SIIA

I want to share a breakthrough with you that hopefully will inspire you to be the strong and fierce person that you truly are. Become one with yourself, love yourself like you never have before, and conquer what you dream and want!

This reminds me of one of my MOST favorite poems…

There is freedom waiting for you, 
on the breezes of the sky, 
And you ask “What if I fall?” 
Oh but my darling, 
What if you fly?
~Erin Hanson


P.S. I friggen LOVE you so ridiculously much and I hope you have the MOST delicicious Thanksgiving! If you have a question for me, comment below, email me, or ask me on Twitter @AllanaPratt and just use #AllanaQandA.>

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