Brave Bold and Raw: A Few Highlights So Far

I can’t believe we are already on day 6 of Brave Bold and Raw!  It has been SO delicious, open, fun, and even a little bit naughty!  I have had the pleasure of speaking with some of the most amazing, bold, and beautiful ladies! Were you there?  Here is a juicy little re-cap on the past 3 days:

  Carol-682x1024Day 3 –  The gorgeous Carol Allen told us how we can be brave and bold by choosing to use the power of the Universe to help us on our journeys and use astrology to help us understand our fates! Whether it’s legal battles, health challenges and love and any of our challenges, the universe has our backs and Astrology can really be a helpful guide. All the really big stuff in our lives is in our charts!  She reminds us that, “You can choose to really go for it, or you can choose to passively go through it.”  She also reminds us the we need to forgive ourselves, because there is a “Will and Grace” of attraction, some things are up to us, but there are things that are NOT and these are the things we need to let go and let the Universe have it’s way with us!  Delicious, right? My favorite part of the interview is where Carol reminds us that there is nothing that you can’t have, if you truly and passionately want  it and bravely and boldly go for it!

Betsy-682x1024Day 4 – Saturday night with Betsy Chasse was so raw…  We talked about pole dancing, lap dances, and even Playboy! Betsy tells us that we can just own it, and throw our inhibitions away because we are works of art!  We shouldn’t have to “wear masks”!  I love it! It’s so nourishing to know that it’s ok to just BE and to feel sexy all the time, and do what makes me feel good.  “You have to love yourself, you have to feel beautiful.” Betsy told us how she discovered the importance of being empowered and really loving herself, so that she could be a role model for her daughter.  I just fall in love with her more and more every time I talk to her!  Betsy also tells us the greatest piece of advice she was ever given, “Don’t worry about the short term. Think about everything that you do and it’s long term impact.”  You can have short term wins, but you have to ask yourself “what is the long term outcome here?” That is powerful stuff!

AmySmith_BioPhoto-682x1024Day 5 – Amy Smith was SO much fun!  We laughed the whole time and I just LOVE her 5 Ways To Become A Bold + Brave Badass! She gave us awesome advice and 5 bold questions to ask ourselves daily…  My favorite one is,”Did I speak my truth today?” it’s so simple, yet so profound! Amy explained that to be a badass, you have to be honest with yourself, be brave, vulnerable, and own your voice. She believes, “However you show up in the world now, that is your vessel with which to work.” She also shared with us how to break through anything that scares the sh#t of us and stand up in our authentic, vulnerable truth.  Amy Smith is a total badass! This is not an interview to miss, so check out the replay and find out how you can be a badass and all 5 questions to ask yourself each day that will guide you toward being the most authentic, brave, and bold you!

I can’t wait for the next interview, I just know it’s going to be delicious!  Don’t miss it, sign up now and get a reminder each night as we are Brave Bold and Raw!


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