Potent Clearings mp3 for Relationships… That Will Rock Your World

Potent Clearings mp3 for Relationships… That Will Rock Your World

Guests on www.IntimateConversationsLIVE.com are badasses. I love to promote Experts each week because it’s a great way to remind me that I’m both a teacher and a student. AND I want to provide you with complementary material to mine, to ensure no stone goes unturned and you get the results you want with relationships.

I am 2 mp3’s through the 3 mp3 Aphrodite Effect program by Master Energy Healer Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, guest on October 15th. I listened to them in the car and she warned me that the clearings are pretty powerful. Yeah yeah… thank you sweet woman, yet I’ve done clearings for years and I’m sure I will be fine.
WHOA! The material at the beginning of the two mp3’s thus far is honestly pretty foundational, very similar in content to what I teach and yet holy shit when she gets to the clearing parts… energy was buzzing through my body and releasing onto the 101 freeway with ease! I was literally on my way to a date and arrived feeling light, gorgeous, irresistible in fact!
And while you think with the title, it’d be for men. It’s not. She mentions both men and women in the clearings… Aphrodite is about LOVE and so these clearings are effective for all of us, no matter what our gender or sexual preferences.

Let’s just say the date went WELL and I want your dates with your new love or the love of your life for the past 20 years… to be even richer, more intimate, juicier and more fulfilling. Here is the link:


Jennifer’s motto is: If you don’t love being alone with you, how can you expect anyone else to? I love that and totally agree.


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