Why Do I Want Women I Know I Can’t Have?

She is a 10 in every way.  She is gorgeous, she is smart, she is perfection, she is WAY out of your league!  Or is she?  You believe you are chasing women that are “unattainable” but is that what is really going on?  Is she only unattainable because you have made her that way?

Have you ever thought that she may not be out of your league?  You have convinced yourself for so long that you only deserve one caliber of woman that when you meet another outside of it, she is labeled “unattainable”?  Stop spinning in your head and get into your body!  Be yourself and see what happens.  The other reason may be that you have decided that there is a certain type of woman that you need in order to be enough – to fit a certain idea of being cool, showing off, looking good?  Yes?

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