Be A Noble Bad Ass in 3 Ways

We love our bad boys but they break our hearts.  We yawn at the idea of a nice guy…boring!  Did you know that there was a third option?  What about a Noble Badass?

How do you become a noble badass? The type of man every woman craves? There are three simply ways to being the stud we all deeply desire.  1) Getting out of your head and into your body, 2) Penetrating us (slow down stallion – I meant energetically), and 3) embracing your vulnerability.

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  1. So I started dating this amazing woman and honestly have no idea how. I totally out-kicked my coverage. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, she performs in a dance troupe, has a law degree, and she constantly makes me laugh and smile. Unfortunatly, something happened where she needs a decent stack of cash to pay off some fines to get her car back. She doesn’t have the money and she kinda seems pissed at me because I offered to help her financially. She hasn’t responded to my texts and she answered the phone crying. I mean I can’t just sit back and let her car get auctioned off can I. Was I being too nice? I dunno. Thanks for your help

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