My Girlfriend’s Future Is In My Hands

The one that got away.  So many love stories begin or end with this idea.  Either is starts with him trying to get back the one he lost or ends when he doesn’t realize what he has until she is gone (fade to black).  So what do you do when you find yourself right smack in the middle?  You realize what you have but you don’t want to be her regret.

She has been offered an incredible opportunity but has told you that she won’t take it unless you go with her.  That is a lot of pressure!  Would she resent you if she passed up the opportunity of a lifetime and things did not work out between you?  Would you resent her if you went and you were miserable the entire time?  You fear the idea of losing her, she seems to fear the idea of losing you.  Let’s take a moment and focus on the consistent word here: fear.

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