Choosing Blood Child Over Step

Baby #2 has just arrived and it is a beautiful little boy.  As a mother of two (having had a daughter from a previous marriage), you and your husband couldn’t be happier with the addition.  He has been such an amazing father to your daughter that you can only imagine the bond he will have with your son…his son.  His blood.  While it may be a passing thought, is it possible that he may connect more with his biological son than your daughter?

As the concern manifest, you begin to see the connection, clinginess, favoritism towards your son.  It could just be that dad is so proud to have a little boy, normal – nothing to worry about.  Yet, your concern grows that your daughter may not see it that way and may feel more and more isolated.  This is the only man she has ever known, the only father she will remember.  It is time to make a little sandwich and communicate your concerns, fears, and requests once and for all.  The speculation stops now.

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