Got Succulent at the Wish Summit

Tera is not only an inspiration, colleague and masterminding diva… she has become a beautiful friend, mentor and partner in crime living my most delicious life! I adore her and thank her for all she does to illuminate my life with her glorious radiance… and yet to go back to square one where we met… in an interview… was so rich for me… we’ve both grown so much since WISH last year and her appearance being featured on my show Intimate Conversations.

I loved how she trusted me to almost create my own call! Letting me take you on a ride where I felt drawn… which ended up very quickly being a dive into a guided mediation to embody the orgasmic energy we truly are… free of shame, guilt, embarrassment… seeing how it’s simply life force energy, creative energy, our true potency… having its way with us! It FEELS super deliciously orgasmic and because we normally allow ourselves that feeling only in the bedroom… as soon as that energy awakens at the grocery store we think we’re a freak!

Yet what if it’s not meant to be hidden in the bedroom… what if it’s meant to make gardening more fun? Or playing with the kids more enjoyable? Or looking at yourself in the mirror more of a celebration?

What if this orgasmic energy was a livening and made you feel 10 yrs. younger? What if you ALSO brought it to the bedroom and allowed orgasms to be more lingering, expansive, waves of every variety without being vested in the outcome of the intense clitoral orgasm and instead explored the limitless waves of your pleasure?

Listen to this interview and take the dive with me…
Wish Summit Interview with Allana

I recommend you sign up for the whole series here…
Wish Summit Series

Here is what some ladies said about the call… I hope it inspires you deeply and lusciously to BE all of you and HAVE the most exquisite experience as a woman possible… xooxox Allana

“Amazing call, it really blew me away and started me thinking about my situation. I really had bad confidence for so long due to bad experiences with men. I never really loved myself in the way I should. This call really changed me, and started me to feel things I have never felt before. I am beautiful; I am sexy no matter what anyone think. I have a good marriage right now and two beautiful kids, but most of the time I hide in my role as a mother and wife. I forget that I am a woman and I forget to love my self.
But this call really caught me! Great call and I will listen to it over and over again just to remind me to just be me and how amazing I really am!”



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