Your Career, Your Calling…

Your Career, Your Calling…


If you really knew me you’d know….

If you really knew me you’d know that for years I was ashamed to talk to women entrepreneurs about feminine power.
Because I was still in debt from paying off my son’s father in the divorce and hiding in my house until I nearly went into foreclosure when the market crashed.
Since then I’ve used the confidence, strength, compassion and vitality gained from my feminine practices to fuel my masculine directional purposeful qualities… I’ve rolled up my sleeves and handled my finances, my foundation and have created a well oiled machine that I’m proud of, with all needs met, thriving more each day.
So I feel completely and thoroughly qualified and in integrity with be featured in the upcoming FREE virtual, multi-expert event: “Your Career, Your Calling: Expert Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals (Find Joy In Your Work!)” that starts on October 18th, 2011! You do not want to miss this event!
If you’ve been working hard in your career or job for many years but you’re feeling burned out, stressed, worried, and stuck, this is going to make your day…
You have to register in order to hear me and many other fabulous experts.
The key to true career fulfillment and feeling “in the zone” (like you’ve found your most ideal calling) isn’t working harder or even making more money. Instead, you must learn the simple and proven formulas for achieving the magic triangle of career fulfillment so you can get out of bed excited to go to “work” each day.
As a woman, if you’re not loving what you do and getting paid for your special gifts, skills, and talents, I am going to share the secrets that can change that for you, so you can be a shining example for having the career of your dreams.
During this multi-expert event you’ll learn:

  • How to easily align your career and work with your strengths and what you’re great at.
  • How to position yourself as an expert and ask (and get) a raise
  • How you, as a Woman, CAN have it all. The money. The man. The magic of being a woman. (THAT’S ME!)
  • The 3 soul-sapping career patterns you must avoid
  • Why now is the ideal time to make the change that you have wanted to make!
  • The five things every woman must know in order to achieve and keep financial freedom
  • What it takes to build a world-class career and still maintain a happy, balanced and joyful life

This is potentially the first time you’ll ever hear this information that has turned my life around and can makes your thrive financially, personally, parentally (if you have a little muffin like me) and spiritually as well.

See you there!


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