Wake Up Early?


As I sit to write this, I admit I snoozed the alarm 3 times this morning!!! Why? Well, I self pleasured (blush), pet my cat, talked with God, opened my body to receive the energy of abundance and magic from the Universe… and honestly I feel quite fabulous, vibrant and sexy as I start my day!

You see, if I don’t do my Morning Ritual, I’m a hamster on the wheel of keeping up with the Jones’. No matter how much I accomplish, I always feel behind, comparing myself to others, often being short with people or being cranky with my precious son.

Implementing my Morning Ritual started when my son was three. He’d wake me at some ungodly hour and I wasn’t the playful, present happy mom I wanted to be. So I told him one night, mommy was having an adventure tomorrow morning. He could help me by not waking me up until Seven Zero Zero. What adventure, Mommy? I am looking for patience and kindness, I told him.

It took three days: 5:17am, hand in the small of his back, no eye contact, walking him back into his room SCREAMING, saying with a smile ‘Seven Zero Zero’ and closing his door. The next day: 6:12am, quieter whimpers, back to his room. On day three he trumpeted in all his glory, ‘It’s Seven Zero Zero Mommy!’ I scooped him up, ‘You are my hero! I have found patience and kindness because of YOU! Would you like me to share it with you?’ That morning we had a blast, got to pre school on time, and I wasn’t exhausted by noon! I felt like human again.

Morning Rituals have big ROI’s. Just 2-3 snooze buttons allow you to take the time to appreciate life, enjoy pleasure, connect with God, and receive insights. I’m not perfect, yet I don’t reacting to life as much anymore. I’m now responding with gratitude, creativity and confidence. I am empowered to create a world that brings me joy. I am confident to contribute my gifts to the planet. I feel sexy just as I am stretch marks and all.

I’ve even written in red lip liner on my bathroom mirror, Life, have your way with me! I have a sassy attitude that comes from loving me enough to put on my oxygen mask first, for as we all know, when mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!

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