Where did my radiance go?

Allana Pratt in MauiIt’s easy to love yourself when everything is working, you look great, money’s in the bank, and you’re on your game and in the zone.

It’s a wee more challenging to love yourself when you’ve gained weight, lost your identity, put everyone else first for so long that you forget what even brings you pleasure. It’s especially frustrating when you start to make your worth pleasing others, so your life is set up to put you LAST.

Yet there is a solution, it’s what I used, to take me from the rock bottom place, where mom had died, I was divorced, lost the house and every ounce of my confidence. It’s what I’ve used to help overwhelmed moms, or overworking alpha women find their softness, their sensuality, their feminine strength, their sultry invitational energy to feel and look fabulous and attract quality attention, affection and adoration from someone who makes them weak in the knees…

Yet it’s not for those that just want a quick fix. Sorry, those are lies. You’ve taken months if not years or even decades to create the state you’re in. Give me 30 days, a simple yet profound scientifically proven practice, each day, as short as 5 minutes or up to 45 minutes listening to an interview, while you walk in nature or even clean the house…just don’t stop at day 11 or you’ll be like that bean in the Styrofoam cup… almost ready to break through into the sunshine… yet giving up 5 minutes before the miracle.

Just do it for 30 days. You WILL be more sensual, more succulent, more sexy, sane and strong in being YOU. From there the world is your oyster… what do you choose? You will have the confidence, clarity and courage to take those steps… there IS a way out… start small yet consistent for 30 days and let’s start LIVING sexy, sister. xoxo Allana

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