What does Dancing have to do with Making More Money?

What does Dancing have to do with Making More Money?

Dancing, Money. I’m not talking stripping per say, although I remember once being mesmerized by a dancer who seems to roll around on the hard ground as if it was a sandy beach or velvet couch… so beautiful.

(And she did make great tips!)

What I’m referring to is that dancer’s capacity embodied in your life… that openness, that capacity to receive, that ‘at home’ness’ in your life, your skin, your chosen work… that you and money are ONE.

For me when I’m in my head trying to strategize how to get more money from out there, a client etc., I’m starting with lack or emptiness and that resonance is what I’m tryyyyying to overcome and I’m not at peace, home, in the joy of life at all!

Yet when I dance, I feel full, I literally pull in energy from the Universe and Earth and let it have its way with me… while choosing what’s true for me… what’s joyful for me… how I’d like to be generous… how I’d like to show up in the world… money seems to come toward me in the strangest unpredictable ways! I get out of my own way, I’m receptive, I feel sexy and alive, I must be magnetic and resonating at a vibration of joy for my anxiety dissolves, my juiciness ripens and my confidence in what’s possible soars! Now I may still make that very same prospect call… yet having danced, I’m an invitation to play instead of a hunter after my prey… make sense?

So dance, on a pole, on a stage, in the living room, in the shower, in the car, in your mind even… just see what happens… I have totally inspired mySELF to get dancing more! Kind of turning myself on here! ha! Let me know what happens in your world…xoxoxo Allana


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