Split Views On Sharing Bad News

Q: My husband and I have to put our dog down and we can’t agree on how to tell the kids.  I am agnostic and he is super christian.  We normally see eye to eye on things but this one is different.  He wants to tell the kids that the dog went to heaven and I just can’t back that.  I am more than happy to tell the kids that the dog is no longer in pain but he doesn’t believe that is good enough.  What should we do?

A: This is already a very touchy subject.  Everyone is raw from the news; however, this is a good opportunity for Mom and Dad to show the kids that you don’t always have to agree on something to be respectful of another and in allowance of another’s opinion.  Share both of your views – let them know “Dad believes that the dog is in heaven” and take the time to share what you believe.  Sum up that while both views may differ, the end result is still the same – the dog is no longer in pain.

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