Our Secrets Keep Us Sick

Today I had brunch with my friend Christina. Hadn’t seen her since my BDay party at a Burlesque show! We shared about our personal stories and how our secrets keep us sick, small and stuck.

Brunch with Christina

Christina’s full name is, Christina Dunbar. She’s sharing her secret life as an exotic dancer and what she discovered about sex, shame and money.

She has created a one-woman show based on her story and dedicated it to the Feminine. Christina is on a mission to use art to heal and reach 10,000 women LIVE with the tour of this show. What if you are one of the women she reaches? Or a friend who really needs to hear this message?

If you believe in the right to freak your truth and love your body, please watch this kickstarter campaign. And if it speaks to you, donate to make this movement and the ‘Dirty Me Divine’ show a reality. With kickstarted, you have to reach your goal to receive the money, so let’s ensure she makes it!

Maybe you know someone who wants to produce it! Sisters supporting sisters… what if us supporting her makes our dreams come true? More and more I get that it’s in the giving that we receive. We really are ONE.

Truly, these kinds of movements are made with people like us supporting! Let’s make Christina’s dream happen together. Just feel into the energy of the women’s lives she’ll heal and empower.

I hope you’ll take a moment to peek at Christina’sshow, ‘Dirty Me Divine’, dedicated to the delicious, Divine Feminine: http://ow.ly/DRRrw.

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