Risk it Ladies!

So I love being part of Secrets of the Red Carpet on Empowerme.tv! Each week we talk about style from the inside out.

Last week, Stana Katic nailed it in the interview talking about risk. She and Luke were talking about actresses on the red carpet and how we gravitate towards women who are willing to risk with their fashion.

Taking that into our personal lives, are you motivated by fear of rejection or inspired by your core authentic expression in fashion? In love? In work? In all forms of self-expression? Another guest was Dulse Candy who owns it hauling in great finds for you to express the true you! She’s this gorgeous tiny woman who served in the military and now has tons of viewers following her great finds that make you feel fabulous.

Again, on that deeper level, are you willing to risk showing up as pure you, no holding back, no playing it safe to be liked, nothing inauthentic, instead pure potent powerful you?

And would you let it be easy? The fear is what’s exhausting… the resistance is what drains us… if you just drop your veils, let down your walls and just BE… that’s actually easy, natural, organic and nourishing.

So loves, what if you risked a little today, be it your style, some new makeup, how you introduced yourself, how you touched your beloved… and discovered you were MORE amazing than you already are!

I know you can do it! Deliciously yours, Allana


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