Redefining Sexuality Welcomes Matthew Hussey

Redefining Sexuality Welcomes Matthew Hussey

September Redefining Sexuality Guest, Matthew Hussey shared his insider tips that have taken women from dateless to married in my amazing interview with him via Skype to the UK! One insight he shared was busting the myth that if a guy doesn’t approach us he’s not interested. Not true. They are often interested yet timid. Be willing to make the first move… AND YET making that first move in your masculine will turn him off… that’s where my material and Matthews align… it’s our femininity, our radiance, our invitational energy that makes them want to claim us and be devoted to us. You won’t want to miss this interview AND I’m talking to him about co-leading a seminar here in LA where our talents synergize for your greatest success and fulfillment with men!
3 Tips To Attract Men In Any Type Of Situation

I’m always surprised by how many of my clients come to us thinking that the only place they can attract men is a bar or club. The truth is, with the right tools we can attract a guy at anytime of the day in any location, there are so many things that attract men if you get a little more creative.
Let’s look at the top three tips to attract men that will get you on your way.
Become a social animal
If we want to attract a guy, or anyone into our lives, it’s so important that we become a social animal in every environment we find ourselves in.
Let’s take the gym for example. Often we go straight in with our Ipod headphones shoved in our ears, get on the treadmill and avoid speaking to anyone for our whole time there.
So let’s try a something different: For the next 30 days, whenever you go to the gym you MUST have a conversation with three people. This might be the receptionist, a personal trainer, and a guy lifting weights (all you have to say to him is “Can I get your help with this machine quickly” – If a woman ever asks for a man’s help, he will always say yes!)
No more CV checks – Start to think playful

Now you’re approaching people it’s important to learn the art of playfulness. What too many people do when they first get into conversation is start to do a CV check.
In other words, they ask for the persons job, age, where they live, basically all that boring stuff that doesn’t really lead to any flirty banter.
So next time you’re talking to someone at say, a bar, instead of going through the usual “How is your night going?” ask the bartender “So I’m curious, which cocktail do you make best?”.
Or if a guy is drinking a Guinness you might playfully say “That’s a very manly drink you have there”. Don’t think too much about it just have fun with this!
Teasing builds intrigue

One of the top tips to attract men once you’ve started conversation is to learn how to tease. The vibe you’re going for is cheeky though, not insulting.
For example, if you’re in the queue to buy food at the cinema and the guy in front of you is buying popcorn and ice cream, just say to him: “Uh-oh, you know what they say about guys who buy popcorn AND ice cream before the cinema?”, when he ask you what you can just say back with a smile “You don’t even want to know!”.
This indicates that you’re internally confident enough to give him a little tease which will make him want to prove himself to you even more. If a guy buys an espresso coffee in the morning you can joke “You’re not tired already are you?”.
As long as you do these things with that cheekiness he’ll be turned on to the fact that you were bold about it, and he’ll get into the joke with you.
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