How to be authoritative and not come across as bitchy.

How to be authoritative and not come across as bitchy.

Great question. This is totally new for me to say, I’ve loved studying with Access Consciousness. I’ve come to stop judging the parts of me I used to judge, including my bitch.

It’s almost like my resistance to being a bitch made me one! And at times, being a bitch is really useful! But not as a cruelty, as a choice to protect my son or if I sense it’s the only way to create movement for something of great priority for me.

Once I give myself permission to choose to be shall we say, our dark side, with consciousness… once we aren’t on autopilot yet have total permission to choose what we choose moment to moment, the bitchy, naughty, erotic, angry, etc. part of us… the energy we’d been holding back resisting it… is returned to us.

Choice is returned to us. And with that a whole new realm of possibilities… so resisting being bitchy just leaves you overcompensating with nice or swinging into damaging cruelty. Yet giving ALL of you permission to BE… and being aware of what’s true for you in a moment… and speak it. Speak it with clarity and potency and truth, no veils to communicate through… straight honest clear no BS talk. How freeing!

What if we threw out bitchy OR authoritative and just communicated the full intensity kindness potency and fabulous truth of you? And people did what people did? And you were free? It’s a choice.

Deliciously, Allana


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