Starring David Matthew Brown…

Starring David Matthew Brown…


Get ready for 11-11-11

David Matthew Brown’s first public talk


“Breaking free from the system”

November 10th Thursday at 7:30p-9:15p
22030 Clarendon Street, Woodland Hills, 91364
Suite 211 ~ 213
CALL:(818) 854-2211

“David possesses a combination of wisdom, heart, and humility that’s hard to find in the overflow of self-help teachers and media personalities. David speaks and honors his own truth, and is a relentless seeker of what it truly means to be a human being. David is a man who fearlessly “walks the talk” and a powerful guide to living authentically from your own heart and soul.”

Lauren Mackler, Coach, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Lauren Mackler & Associates,

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