Pampering the Papa!

By Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt

Many times men work long hard hours and forget about important things like their well-being, personal growth, and spiritual connection, not to mention the wife and kids!

Dads, I want to talk to you about your potency… vs. force or pushing… your potency is honestly found through self care… OK, maybe pampering may be a bit much for you… but why not give it a try? A massage, a pedicure or manicure, some body work to release the stress and support your personal evolution.

You see when you push on empty; you exhaust yourself, get frustrated, panic, make unconscious mistakes then grump around the house… yes? (Smile)

Yet when you first start by connecting with your creativity, your warrior gut that’s always right, listening to that whisper voice that says Yes or No (more like a cave man grunt though)… your legacy will be fuelled by life force energy and you’ll experience greater results, faster, easier and with WAY more fun. And you’re also fabulously playful when you get home and tremendously sexy to your lady. Promise!

You could stop on your way home for a walk along the river. You could pull over on the way home near a beautiful vista and listen to 10-15 mediation from my YES Membership, then drive home. You could plan a weekend away with the guys in the woods. You could start refereeing your kid’s soccer game and savour being healthy and empowering for your children. You could book a sitter and massages for you AND your woman, then return home for a night of deeper sensual connection. Just CHOOSING and DOING this will make you more potent because you’re saying YOU matter. The Best YOU and nothing less will do.

So just between me and you… you don’t have to tell anyone… but this week, pamper the papa… take some downtime to refuel, and see how you become more efficient at work, more playful with the kids (and how they’ll listen to you on the first try because you’re grounded and present) and how your woman just can’t keep her hands off you, because ALL of you is there, filled up from the inside out!

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