Doing it Outside

Doing it Outside

OK, I adore this photo! Yamini took it at my women’s retreat up in northern California. I felt so sexy, like a forest nymph, ready for the Earth to DO ME! I really feel sexy in nature! I remember even giving a client an adventurous homework assignment to bring some ropes, a velvet eye mask and when hiking with her husband, to get him to turn around while she did her best to tie herself to a tree and invite him to ravish her! (I heard it went rather erotically!)
Making love in nature… it’s so freeing, it’s risky if people might hike by, it can be a wee uncomfy right up against a rock or prickly bush so you have to be strategic, yet there’s something about the energy and expansiveness of nature that makes me feel sooo erotic!! It’s like I am making love to my partner and to nature all at once! This shot of me on a log was so phallic, and so hot and I felt like I was Queen of the Lake.
Now let me be honest. Before I cleared away my shame about my sexuality, or back when I was more insecure and a control freak (I’m still kind of a control freak I admit) I would NEVER do this.


I remember in my Radiance DVD one of the interviews was Melanie Jones who’s play was called Endure… you actually RAN with her on a 5km path listening to an ipod all synced with the others. It was about her marathon… and there was this one scene where she was imitating being made love to, outside in nature, with a group of us watching, and passers-by watching… talk about BOLD! Yet in her story, she wasn’t being honored or adored or cherished the way she wanted making love… I remember I really didn’t think she was going to make us run and I showed up in my fashionable cowboy boots for a wee stroll. No she REALLY made us run! And yet being outside, especially at the end where the recording spoke of a hawk circling overhead as she ran around the group… a REAL HAWK began to circle and I burst into tears.

The interview in Radiance is very powerful, as well as others by Dr. Gottfried about our hormones, or Jaiya about Tantra, 6 in total, plus 7 dance movement pieces filmed on the beach of California with Jennifer Jimenez…and my proven 6 weeks of curriculum ahhh… so lusciously healing, nourishing and expansive.
So I say do it in nature. Often.
Be it just letting the breeze penetrate you, or a real partner.
A xoxoxoxo>

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