My Girlfriend uses my product more effectively than me!!

I was sitting with my girlfriend for a latte the other day and she mentioned how much she loves my Pleasure Practices CDs. What was funny was my thought… Wow, I could really use that. SHIT girl! You created it! And yet even I, Intimacy Expert, need structure to succeed! I am pretty good at naturally doing something to bring myself pleasure everyday… yet I notice when I get busy, it either slips my mind or I make an excuse or I put it off till the weekend, then its Monday and I may have accomplished my to-do list yet I haven’t had nourishing fill up my tank pleasure, where I totally exhale and receive.

Know what I mean jelly bean? What’s great about my Pleasure Practices, my friend went on to remind me, is that you don’t have to use what little energy you have left to think of something to do, judge yourself if it’s a good enough idea, do it and question if you couldn’t have done something else… NO! You just put it in your calendar to do one a week, you listen, I deliciously guide you into what to do and voila! Nourished! Juicy! Connected to life again! Yummy!

I thought, wow, what I great idea! (Amazing I teach what I need to learn! ha!) She went onto say that sometimes they are sensual, or funny, or creative, other times dorky or deeply reverent and sacred. Some are simple with only awareness, other ones invite you to take 5 minutes or go crazy with an hour adventure.

Again, it’s like I’m a nutcase, I created this great shit and don’t even put it into MY calendar to do! Yes, I remember most of the time and it’s who I am pretty naturally anyways… but can you imagine, can I IMAGINE, how much more confident, juicy, creative, willing to stop procrastinating and take delicious action, I’d be if I’d put my own advice to work? I’d be unstoppable! Totally creative! So sassy and willing to ask for what I choose to have! I feel pretty sexy already, but I’d be on fire!

I’m saying all this and my friend just rolls her eyes… saying I should try it, I might like it. OK… so I’ve officially tested out these 52 weeks of pleasure practices in my life cuz they work… I’ve officially received testimonials from around the world (from women, yet also from men, most are unisex and GREAT for couples to do together!) that they work… and NOW I say let’s kick my cute ass and demand I do them WITH YOU each week of the year and friggen’ be so radiant it’s like a second SUN in the sky!!

Hey, maybe I’ll offer them to everyone in my Membership at a Holiday discount and I can do it with them each week, like a weekly video encouragement just for members, feedback forum in the Membership… more engagement and interaction and celebration… hey maybe even people in the same community could start doing them together… like Flash Dance Mob thing’a’majigs… Pleasure Flash Mobs ripples good mojo through the city… how could it get even better than that?

Bottom line, 2013 is totally and completely the best year yet and these Pleasure Practices are going to tip me into the next dimension. Join me. Join us! Join the realm of the happy pleasured peeps… allow yourself to have it THAT GOOD. I am xoxo Allana

Female:  52 Weeks of Pleasure Practices

Men:       52 Weeks of Pleasure Practices

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