Be Kind To My Erectile Dysfunction

Question: I am so tired of the double standard when it comes to sexual performance. If a woman is having an issue with her sexuality or is not in a mood, men are supposed to be sympathetic; but, if we are having ED problems or other related trouble getting it up – we are chastised for it. Why should there be a difference? Don’t both situations deserve compassion and tolerance?

Answer: I hear your frustration. You have been the victim of judgment, yes? You have heard unkind words from women who are not understanding or compassionate, yes? I am so sorry – you are right, it is not fair – especially if women are unwilling to take responsibility that they may have issues as well. I do ask one question – could this be a reflection of self-judgment? Is it possible you are judging your sexuality and performance? I ask these questions with openness and love to start at the beginning and work deep to the core.

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