Getting Over Fear of Rejection

Question: Ms. Pratt, I’m 40 and have never had a girlfriend/wife. I was in therapy , in which we have found the underlying issue for me is I grew up in an abusive household (father physically, verbally abused mother) so it’s hard for me to deal with unwanted adrenaline. Like your client, my fear of rejection is staggering. Not sure I’m the same as your client but I have Social Anxiety so bad it’s hard for me to be around people at all. Can you please talk about some techniques to deal with unwanted adrenaline and how to get over fear of rejection?? Thanks in advance.

Answer: First off, I’m so sorry for the abusive household you grew up in… All of that unwanted adrenaline would of course make your fear of rejection staggering.

I appreciate that your therapist has labeled you as having social anxiety… Yet, I would encourage you to let go of labels and take all power back into your own hands.

In my coaching sessions, it’s a combination of effective tips tools and techniques that I teach mixed with the energy of healing, the energy of tenderness, the energy of safety security unconditional love, non-judgment, and total appreciation for who you are… That I literally BE… That provides an energetic sanctuary for you to exhale, heal, relax, open and come home into your heart and into your body and into the arms of the Divine.

That may sound a little blue and yet I’m sure you’ve heard of the scientific terminology of entrainment… When all of the clocks in a clock store begin to tick-tock in unison… Or when the other strings on a violin begin to vibrate when you only pluck one string… You will literally align with my vibration which is one of peace and centeredness, groundedness and home, nothing to prove, nothing to defend, nothing to justify or control.

There sounds like a very young part of you wired in your brain and throughout your body that learned to survive by going into fight or flight with adrenaline in order to manage and navigate the abuse. Through a series of clearings and breathing into the discomfort with allowance and not resistance… It’s as if we go back in time and find little you and snuggle him tight and breathe with him until he calms down. This calmness creates new brain synapses which allows your central nervous system to be soothed in the present moment where you are safe.

After that your most important relationship on the planet will be with little you inside… Letting him know from your point of view that you will never leave him and that you will praise him, I appreciate him, listen to him, and breathe with him whenever he’s scared… And this will translate into a date when you’re able to be with a beautiful woman you’re attracted to, and stay present, free of anxiety, authentic and connected 🙂

As your relationship with yourself deepens so does your relationship with the divine and you truly begin to not only believe but experience the universe having your back through things like miracles and coincidences yet also through a feeling of deep peace and connection in your heart to where you feel home in your body and home on the planet.

I would love to cross that bridge with you in a series of private sessions so you could come home to the peaceful grounded centeredness that is your birthright. Many people after years of therapy get very quick results because of how far they’ve come on an election will basis… But now it’s time to heal on an energetic emotional spiritual basis. Contact my manager – and request a strategy session with me, or go to the section on my website called ‘Work with Allana’ and process your session there, or you could apply to receive a complimentary session at

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  1. Hi Allana,
    The person in this post could be (is) me.
    Is there anyone you recommend in the Washington DC area that teaches the same techniques you do?


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