Coaching Results & Happy Tears

I sat in the dark, beside Rachel his girlfriend of two years, with happy tears in my eyes as the amazing David Kessler took the stage in his production of The Feminar in Santa Monica, CA. The show was a hybrid of stand-up comedy, dating advice and solo performance. David merged his gifts as a comedian and what he learned from going on 300 dates.

He was completely hysterical, poignant and entertaining. It was truly non stop laugher for a solid hour and many of the dating tips he gave could really tip a woman into success finding the One! Rarely have I felt so honored for the contribution I make in a person’s life as when David acknowledged me as his Dating Coach and Relationship healer in the show. Granted he also poked fun at me, referring to the tip you can find in my free report, “to penetrate a woman in three places…”

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 4.09.55 PMDavid had his red laser pointer out, demonstrating that I tell men to penetrate women energetically with his eyes, his heart and his cock …hysterical. It warmed my heart to be acknowledged while sitting next to his sexy sassy gorgeous girlfriend Rachel. My commitment to providing magical results soared. Since the show, the quality of results my sessions provide are still solid, however having seen David’s show, this experience has honestly dissolved a blind spot for me… I am freer and far more goofy in my sessions!! It was a stamp of approval that I had no idea a timid doubtful part of me inside required. I didn’t know that Little Allana was still in there, unsure if she was really on her true path. So I am humbly and exuberantly grateful for the gift of watching David soar on stage sitting beside his girlfriend, because it has let a part of me exhale and show up even more vibrantly, joyously and creatively!

It’s like permission to show up in a new dimension to be messy, draw outside the lines, be out of control and more fully co-creating with the Divine. I literally was brighter and more creative (and naughty) on the set of Stable Wars (FoxSports) last weekend doing an intimacy session with Jeff and Mayo. THANK YOU David!!!!!!!!!! Please sign up on David’s site for I hear that another performance is a possibility for October of this year!

And here are David’s words of his experience with me:

In the dark months before I worked with Allana Pratt, I had spent $3000+ on my therapist; was pressing my female friends to finally tell me what I was doing wrong / what was wrong with me; even had my female BFF smell my neck and arm to make sure I didn’t have B.O. to see if that was the thing that stopping me getting 2nd dates or if I got a 2nd, getting a 3rd. I was 41 years old and had been generally unsuccessful with women since I was 13. And after 18, it just got worse — in all four years of college (in NYC!!!), I didn’t have a girlfriend or have sex once. Later, I was on on and off for fifteen years. Within minutes into my 30 minute Skype consult with Allana, she figured things out my therapist of 4 years hadn’t – it was like I finally had met a specialist who could identify and possibly heal my mysterious and debilitating pains after years of inept generalists.

I bit the bullet and signed up for her six pack and let me tell you – IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY. Allana got inside, connected the dots, blew out the old patterns, asked questions my therapist had never thought of — eventually rewiring my entire sense of self that had gotten buried under self-doubt, years of rejections and family / childhood bullshit. Fifteen days after my last session with Allana, I met an adorable blond girl at a party who within 3 weeks of knowing me, broke up with her live-in-boyfriend of 5 years to date me. Recently, an old girlfriend confessed that her friends were now saying to her they thought I was ‘cute’ – something they had never said to her when we were together (even though I physically LOOKED the same) – she said my “aura of self pity” was gone and my posture wasn’t like I was at the ready to please the women before me. Allana MAKES THE SPINNING STOP. There’s a version of YOU you haven’t caught up with yet – and Allana is the guide to get you there. Ever see LIMITLESS with Bradley Cooper? Allana Pratt is real-life version of the pill he takes.” ~David Kessler

Los Angeles, I invite you to say YES to the results David and over 400 hundred of men around the world have experienced working one-on-one with me. If you know in your gut we’re a fit, process a 6 Pack and let’s begin.

If you’d like to do a single Strategy session first to confirm we’re a fit, here’s what will occur during our 60 minute call I am going to help you: 1. Feel totally safe, honored, held, loved exactly as you are. Not judged one little bit. 2. Identify the core, root, bottom-line cause of your current challenge, pain or struggle. 3. Clear this block to reveal spacious possibilities you may never have connected to before. 4. Discover the next step for calm confidence, thriving relationships and sensual bliss. Contact my staff at to set that up and I will personally contact you to schedule our intimate honoring profound call together.

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