What can you tell me about energetic healing?

Wow, this is a great question and I’m so, glad I have so many people to refer to you in addition to the work I do.

To me, and to science I suppose, we are energetic beings. So, when you heal, you heal energetically. However, normal therapy is generally ‘talk’ therapy and not focused on the energy moving behind it.

DeliciousThat’s why I was so blessed that Dr. Dain created with me a product to shift on the level of energy, anything in the way blocking intimacy, great sex, amazing intimacy and successful relationships. Blocks are stored in your body and when you come into communion with your body, see it as your best friend, then a whole new world of sexuality, intimacy and relationships opens up. That’s why we call it www.YourDeliciousBody.com You will most certainly want to get your copy for not only is there over 3 hours of energetic healing conversations with clearing to help you create the intimate life you’ve always dreamed possible, there is also an additional 60 minute mp3 of clearings with even MORE clearings that can be listened to while you’re alert, in the background while you work or even softly when you sleep for maximum results.

When I do private healing sessions with clients, I often find the quickest way to shift a situation and create health, confidence, confidence, juiciness etc is to not talk to their mind or personality, yet instead talk to their body, or to the stuck energy itself. Our mind that wants to make meaning and conclusions is out of the way and it seems like a purer way of following sensations and hidden emotions. It’s magical to witness the healing that occurs with clients and for me personally to follow my knowing of where the energy is stuck, where the energy wants to be heard, where the solution lies… a sixth sense shall we say that allows me to get straight to the core of the matter, dissolving shame and blocks with grace, ease and potent results. You can book a 60 minute healing strategy session with me by contacting my staff at admin@AllanaPratt.com

Theta healing is also something I appreciate and I’ve had Karen Abrahams of www.ThinkTheta.com on my show and very much believe the work she does is supportive to healing. I can literally feel it when she asks God/Source to clear things. I’ve also worked with a wonderful Reiki master who does work with Angels and found her intuition to be remarkable. Her name is Claire Candy Hough and can be reached at www.AngelHealingHouse.com. I’ve also worked with a fabulous Sound/Tone Healer and both myself and my friends have reported feeling renewed and cleansed of heavier energies from her sessions. Lanaiya King can be reached at lanaiya.king@gmail.com.

Thus my recommendation would be to start with the DVD Your Delicious Body with myself and Dr. Dain Heer. www.YourDeliciousBody.com Then listen to your body and intuition about who resonates with you for the next layer. It’s so supportive to have wonderful beings that can hold us, heal us, nurture us, nourish us and show us the way home to our Infinite being’ness. As the Beatles say, With a little help from our friends… asking and receiving support is brilliant for if we didn’t require one another, we’d each have our own planet, yet we’re here together to have one another’s back. I hope I hear from you and you book a session with me, it’s a privilege to facilitate your genius.

Great love and deliciousness!

Allana xooxox

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