Admit it. Being single at Christmas can be hard

I remember the years when I was first single at Christmas, as a single mom as well, feeling so inadequate, questioning my decision, more excited about my next eggnog latte than much anything else and putting on a fake happy smile for the public.

I thank myself that I’m courageous enough to keep sitting in the fire until I shift areas of my life that don’t work for me, so as to experience the peace, ease and gratitude that’s possible no matter what our experiences.

The first thing to recognize is how many of our thoughts, if we’re single during the holidays, are OURS in the first place? It’s like I am a radio station picking up on all my aunts, friends and society saying Poor Allana is alone… yet when I send all those ‘well wishes’ (not) back to sender… I find that I actually quite like my own company.

And even before I got to that stage, at least I learned to like and appreciate my own company, not needing to be busy or preoccupied to feel my feelings… how was I going to get someone else to appreciate me if I didn’t? Ha! How was I going to experience peace in life, if I wasn’t at peace in my own skin? I learned happiness is a choice… not a thought or nice quote… but a true full embodiment of it… single or married, a room full of people or alone, my happiness is my choice, and my thoughts are mine to think and my energy is mine to wield into the creation of my dreams.

So if you are single, I say fall madly in love with YOU, the good, bad and ugly, yup, ALL of you this Holiday. I have wonderful 6 session DVDs where you can commit to honoring yourself, forgiving yourself and creating a new year full of possibilities. And you can also upgrade to 2 private sessions so I have your back through it all. You can create someone (me) who cares about you and is there with you as you complete a year and create a new one… I promise you will be honored, feel safe and inspired to create something truly yummy in your life. There is no better present to yourself than YOU.

Let’s begin, deliciously yours, Allana

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