5 Ways Gratitude Strengthens Men: #1

5 Ways Gratitude Strengthens Men: #1

What challenges you makes you stronger …

Gratitude takes courage and boldness guys, this isn’t for sissies whatsoever.
When you can say thank you… like YOU chose your past to unfold exactly as it did for your highest good and greatest lessons, you can have ALL your power back.

1. Remember, every experience that first broke you, withered you, made you into the Nice Guy was ALSO the catalyst for your biggest growth as a man. Be grateful for the journey.

I am grateful for YOU, for doing your deep inner work, for letting go of the pain and alchemizing these wounds into your present moment power.
You are free. You did the work. What an honor it is for me to sit in the fire with you and guide you, believe in you, champion you and support you.

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