What’s holding you back from shifting gears to take time for YOU?

downloadTruth. Do you know exactly what it’s going to take for you to take time for you?


Thought so.

And yet we don’t do it, do we?

OK, I may be a fab counselor and yet I don’t have the answers. YOU DO. I just ask questions and won’t stop until you face that, which you haven’t been willing to face so that you can make another choice and change your life.

The key with a stunning coaching/counselling/possibility partnership… is that you know very well what it’s going to take to make time for you… yet you’d have to FACE something that you would, if you could on your own, but you haven’t.

You’re not weak, stupid or wrong. Not at all. You’re wonderful, sensitive and caring, not wanting to ruffle feathers; you want life to work, to hum, right?

Yet welcome to the first lesson on having it all in life… you piss people off. Or at least you’ll meet with a few heavy sighs or rolling of eyes. You may even meet with full on disagreement or defiance. And if you can breathe through this, send those judgments back to sender, stay big and expanded in your glorious delicious self and stay clear on the target (wellbeing, vibrancy, patience, pleasure, JOY!!!) then you’re going to be OK.

You may need to ask for help, say no to a few commitments (Please forgive me, I’ve over committed myself and choose to step back from my commitment.) No justifications. You’re choosing YOU just because. That’s it!

You may have to breathe through guilt… yet I ask whose guilt is that really? Is it other people’s opinions? Society’s expectations? People’s reactions that they can’t use you anymore? Or underneath that guilt are you actually a wee excited to really know what LIVING FULLY IS LIKE???? It’s a wee out of control compared with the small lives we live when we complain in drudgery. Living fully is expansive, unknown, wild and adventurous!

Taking time for you might make you super sexy! Super patient with the kids and ravishing with your partner and other husbands might start checking you out? Other wivesAllana Pratt, Time for you might get jealous that you’re in shape, glowing, radiant and booked another client or went away on another 2nd honeymoon with your man! Can you take it? Instead of shrinking, stay big and expansive and invite them to have it too! Inspire them that they too can create this for themselves! Start an epidemic of sensual self-care and sizzle your whole community into bliss!

Or just keep making excuses.

I honestly love you either way.

And if you choose a delicious partner to ensure you can make it through the reactions to your fabulous YOU TIME… I got your back. xoxo A

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