Allana, He Changed His Mind About Marriage.

Allana, He Changed His Mind About Marriage.


He talked about marrying me for the longest time but suddenly he feels that he is too damaged to marry again due to his past divorce. WHY would he switch on me like that?


I’m so sorry, love. You sound like you never saw that coming. My answer, honestly, is… that I don’t know. I can’t tell you the answer. I can only give you some ideas of some things that I think it could be. Like, giving up five minutes before the miracle. It sounds like, he isn’t healed from his divorce and his confusion in thinking that he is “too damaged” needs clearing. If when push comes to shove, what he does is bail… do you really want to be in a long term relationship with somebody like that? That’s the tough question that only you can answer for yourself.

So, many individuals have overlooked how good their future can be even after a horrible past!

Where do you stand on marriage? Especially, on second marriages… how does divorce affect your future relationships and what can be done about this?

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