10 Outdoor Date Spots

OMG! I am so proud of myself to get published in Knowmore.tv with my ’10 Outdoor Date Spots’ Ideas. I thought they’d take one and would have taken from other experts. I’m thrilled they liked all 10!!!

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I was talking about one of them with my client this morning… as she had gone on a paddle board outing. We both love how on a paddle board you have to be alert, strong and aware, yet you can’t be tight, in control or rigid or you fall off… it’s SUCH a metaphor for life and SUCH a great way to see how your partner reacts to life.

I just LOVE paddle boarding at my sister’s cabin at the lake in Canada, or near my friend’s place in Long Beach. I’ve boarded on reservoirs in Montana and with my friend down in Dana Point on Mother’s Day. My son and I just went last weekend in Marina Del Re and saw these sea lions adoring their new home on the back of a killer yacht!

You really have to let go to the waves, while staying open and alert… if you paddle board with a date, this makes you really sense how you and your date will navigate life’s mystery. AND once they’ve got the hang of it, it’s very similar to how they’ll be making love… will they tense up if things get choppy? Do they look down at their feet or the waves or up to the horizon? So much is revealed in wether we stay in our bodies and breathe, or leave our bodies and spin in our minds…

In writing this, I think I’m going to work paddle boarding into all my two day Intensives… maybe even once a day to see how the inner work I do healing fears, releasing shame and becoming at peace in your skin… to see how that translates to the board day 1 and day 2. I used to have a coach that took me roller blading or tightrope walking for this very same reason and it was wild to finally reach that sweet spot where you let go to the mystery and ride the wave of your knowing.

LIFE Is so amazing! HUGE love,


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