Young Men Advice for Dating Cougars

Young Men Advice for Dating Cougars

Question: What’s your advice for a younger man dating cougars?

Answer: I LOVE your question! I’ve gone into three topics for you in this video:

1. You are normal, this is very common and I explain why this can work
2. Insecurity: I explain the trigger points for her and him and how to remedy this.
3. Kids Conversation: while Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins were together 20 yrs and had two kids, your family desire may or may not match up, I explain how to handle this.
4. Old Soul: I have several clients, both women and men, who desire deep conscious intimacy and find this with a younger man/cougar relationship, here I explain one reason why.

I hope this helps and ladies if YOU would like me to talk about younger women dating older men… just ask! Know I’d love you to be with me each week on, my weekly show about sacred sex, intimacy, loving our bodies and having conscious relationships!
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