Why am I wanting to date?

Why am I wanting to date?

First and foremost one needs to ask themselves WHY am I wanting to date?
Many of us who are honestly doing our best, are still wounded, empty, hesitant, looking for validation, looking to end the lonely nights, looking for a partner to complete us, completing giving our power away waiting for an external circumstance (HIM! HER!) to make us rest, exhale, relax, feel enough.
This is the most destructive place to date from. One is like an energy vampire, needy and clingy, either the ‘nice guy’ or a ‘desperate woman’ guaranteeing a quick and quite often painful demise to a short lived addictive relationship.
If you’re looking to date for attention, affection, companionship, feeling acknowledged, feeling worthy… we must first give ALL those qualities to ourselves.
Boring right?
Pretty much.
And yet within a relatively short period of time, shorter if you work with a delicious effective masterful coach like me (smile) you will find all you’ve ever looked for INSIDE. You will basically fall in love with yourself, with life and from fullness, wholeness, juiciness as a woman and noble confidence as a man… you will for perhaps the first time…CHOOSE to date.

  • From fullness you have so much to offer them!
  • From fullness you make great decisions!
  • From fullness you have a strong intuition and healthy boundaries!
  • From fullness you enjoy the process and are unattached from the results!
  • From fullness you are literally magnetic to a high self esteem grounded aligned partner.
  • From fullness you are enough.

Then the question becomes…

  • Am I ready to cultivate such self loving fullness in me?
  • that from the overflow, I give, share and evolve in service to my partner’s highest good?
  • My highest good? The planet’s highest good?
  • Am I willing to continue to take full responsibility and grow, learn and expand
  • in my appreciation of the gifts they give me?
  • Even if the gifts suck? Even if I’m scared?
  • Even if I’m SURE it’s their fault?
  • Am I willing to dive into the mystery of Intimacy?
  • and discover new things about myself and my beloved each day?

Do your inner work to heal your heart, release shame, anger and sadness so you attract someone also willing to be their best self.
When the answer is yes, I’m ready to date…

  • show up authentically,
  • create honest online profiles,
  • be proud of who you are with nothing to prove,
  • tell the truth,
  • be patient while being willing to receive a miracle today.

Begin a dialogue in your heart and mind with your beloved even before you’ve met them. Trust that in the asking, it is given and enjoy the luscious ride of relationships.
Deliciously yours, Allana

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