Friend, Lover, Married! Help!

Friend, Lover, Married! Help!

Question: I have a guy friend that is my best friend. And he’s having a rocky relationship in his marriage…we have gotten together. I have been single for nine years. How can I be nice and just let it go? I keep communicating this with him and he’s not listening!!

Answer: There is a fine line between friends, lovers and marriage. These are all relationships to be considered and cared for. This is deep. Much more serious than buying a pair of pants. A real relationship… You have to consider the family of the person you are having the relationship with. Do they have kids? Is this going to benefit them in any way? Is it going to benefit YOU in any way? We should talk. You should sign up for a strategy session, so we can get to the root of the issue! See the link and discount code below:

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