Allana contributes to “Are You in Denial? Stop Making Excuses and Date Him Already”.

Allana Pratt Relationship ExpertI was recently able to contribute to an article written by Lori Bizzoco on Yahoo Shine!

It’s about excuses. The excuses we make for not dating, not marrying, not going out and having ravishing hot sex with the man or woman of our dreams.

And I feel, the way for both men and women to move past these excuses, goes something like this:

1. Take responsibility for the fact that you’re making excuses, that you’re scared AND THAT’S OK!

2. Decide you’re going to heal your heart, fall madly in love with who you are, get back to loving life and soar in self-esteem.

3. Choose to have relationship that contributes to you and where you contribute to them (don’t get the guy to fill the void in your heart… makes you needy which pushes him away) and then get into joyous action meeting people until you find one that makes your heart sing.

4. Acknowledge with kindness that if you could have done all this on your own, you would have because you’re brilliant. But you haven’t, so make another choice that works.

5. Choose for someone to have your back. Hire someone like me. To tip you into the next dimension. To believe in you when you don’t. To be there to celebrate your wins.

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