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My wife passed away, when is it time to date again?


My wife passed away last year after a long battle with cancer.  She was the love of my life and I still miss her a lot.  I feel like I am ready to begin dating again – not anything serious, but companionship would be nice. The problem is that I have two adult children that are still very much grieving the loss of their Mother and I don’t want my choice to date to hurt them in any way.  What is an appropriate time to begin dating again after the loss of a spouse, and how I should approach this topic with my kids?
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She’s not interested in sex recently!


My girlfriend and I have been together for a couple of years now and she seems less interested in having sex lately. What can I do to spark her interest without seeming like I am always begging for more sex?


OMG it could be SO many things! Have a listen through this video of all the ideas I could come up with given I have no idea what’s going on! I hope one resonates and I’m here if you want to talk more about this to get to the bottom of it, so that this moment can be the catalyst for an amazing breakthrough in intimacy and erotic bliss.

Great love!

Dating and Scared to get Hurt Again

QUESTION: I’ve been emailing with a girl that I met on a dating site for a few months. We’ve recently began talking on the phone and texting. I REALLY like everything about her so far, but I am scared. How do I know if she’s the real deal and worth hopping on a plane to meet? I don’t want to be set up for disappointment again.

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Do you compare your present relationship to your past one?

We’re all about the top 10 restaurants, or the best wines, or the most affordable luxury travel excursions… and yet we’re not supposed to compare our relationship to our last relationship?

It’s almost impossible, if you ask me… yet that’s not a bad thing!

It’s a super way to be grateful for what you have Perhaps your last partner didn’t cook and now you’re making amazing meals! Or they did cook yet now you get to enjoy more restaurants or expand your cooking skills… see how no matter what you had, or have now, you can always be
grateful. And if what you have now TOTALLY doesn’t work for you, then change it or bless and release the relationship!

One area to be aware of that is detrimental to a healthy relationship is comparing out loud, verbally, in a judgmental way to your partner. Big no no. It hurts. Especially in the sexual department. “My old lover used to…” “Why don’t you xyz?” Ouch.

Something I learned from Dr. Dain of Access in our DVD, Your Delicious Body, is to destroy and un-create your relationship each day. What? Destroy it? Aren’t you supposed to try to stay together? I get it! What he means is to destroy all the judgments you have of one another. Like letting today go.  Wiping the slate clean to see them fresh and new the next day. Not expecting them to be a certain way but being open with delight to the unexpected. Not holding grudges for the past, and being open to asking for what works for you moment to moment.

I really don’t believe one person is meant to fulfill all your needs. So to eliminate the frustration of not getting your needs met and comparing your partner to a past partner, which is totally unkind… why not ask, what would it take for me to have xyz with ease? And be open to it arriving in a multitude of ways, in a way you could never have figured out on your own!

Then you get to have all your needs met, AND be grateful for your partner with ease which tends to make things steamy and delicious on the home front!

And if having your needs met in a multitude of ways doesn’t work for your partner, then perhaps your partner is now willing to step up or realize that you’re going to fulfill your bliss not matter what and learns to give you more space to soar… so much is possible when you allow yourself to be ALL of you. Let me know if I can support YOUR specific situation and facilitate the change required for you to be deliciously happy right away!

Let’s connect! Lusciously yours, Allana xoxoxo

Puerto Vallarta and Feeling Grateful on my 42nd Birthday

As I sit on my balcony in Puerto Vallarta, sipping hot coffee, smelling the exotic flower tucked behind my ear, looking at the glorious ocean, palm trees… I am grateful beyond words to spend my 42nd birthday in paradise. I am practicing what has worked for me and countless clients and my global community… taking time to Get Intimate with ourselves is such a foundational key to ease, joy, success and deliciousness in life.

This slowing down to ponder, listen, connect with our deepest  self and take cues from the Universe results in a feeling that we’re not alone. It proves all the answers are inside. I nourishes faith that we are guided. And for me, it’s this orgasmic way of merging into union with the breeze, the sun, LIFE itself… that I only reach if I slow down and get intimate with the moment.

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