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Vulnerability is the New Sexy

Our truth, rawness, and purity is the essence of our being.  In my interview with Mindalia TV, I inspire those listening to live open-hearted, unapologetic, authentic lives.

Our creative power and ability to connect authentically comes from standing solid and softly transparent. It is our unique Self that attracts our ideal romantic partners, true friends and best professional clients. When we put down our masks, open our hearts and shine our true essence with intuitive discernment… the world is our oyster.

What NOT to do when a woman cries

She’s crying.  She is open, vulnerable, and looking to you.  What do you do?  Many men panic in these situations because these are the moments that can make or break a relationship.

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Be A Noble Bad Ass in 3 Ways

We love our bad boys but they break our hearts.  We yawn at the idea of a nice guy…boring!  Did you know that there was a third option?  What about a Noble Badass?

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