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What is your sexy factor going to be for this year?

If you were to say to the Sexy part of you, “Hey Girl!! Hey Sexy Factor! How are you?  What would make this year the most joyful, fulfilling, orgasmically precious and over the moon delicious for you?”

She might say, I need you to shave my legs.

She might say, I just want to sleep.

She might say, I am tired of attracting unavailable men.

She might say, I can get a date, but no one wants to claim me as their girlfriend or wife. Read More →

New Years was fun! How was yours…Happy 2013!

So New Years was so fun!! Gabe and I played soccer, volleyball and whiffle ball in the backyard at sunset. I made first dinner around 6 and second dinner around 9. Both candle lit together. He completed all the levels on Lego Lord of the Rings and was constantly referring to videos on YouTube to unlock levels. I was writing, drinking Proseco and literally he was lying on my lap, Muffin the cat was lying on Gabe and I was typing with one hand. This is his first year ever to stay up till midnight! Read More →

Do you Really think you will get her to say yes?

You’ll never understand women or get her to say yes anyways… so why try!

Have you ever thought this? In one of those total self-pity moments that you’d never admit?

Or does this statement fire you up to say $%#@ you Allana, I sure as shit will handle this and 2013 is the year! Read More →

Bring out the Bad Boy in YOU!

Want her to wear sexy Lingerie? Yet just can’t find that Bad Boy in yourself to buy it for her?

I adore how safe my Men’s Membership and Private Male Clients are to tell me what they want to be, what they want to have, who they want to be.

A Bad Boy.

One that she respects. Read More →

Sexy Stocking Stuffers~ lingerie FOR SURE!!!!

I haven’t met one woman who doesn’t enjoy sexy lingerie… except when she feels like crap about her body. Or she feels unworthy of receiving…

And feeling worthy of receiving and feeling great about our bodies isn’t always easy.

Yet one thing’s for sure… when one starts to take action in the direction of being confident in their skin and being graciously open and gloriously happy receiving gifts, complements etc… Miracles start to occur. Read More →

My Solitary plans for Thanksgiving

I got the newsletter from school that says there’s a potluck on the 21st. This year’s Thanksgiving, Gabe is with his Dad and I’m sure I could call one of my friends to join them for the day, yet what I’m TRULY thankful for this year is the time, the courage and the insight of the next book I’m ready to download… and about 7 of 9 days I’ve carved out to begin it!

As any busy person can attest to, having ME time is hard to come by in today’s world and I am thrilled to have booked all my coaching calls into two days so I can dive deep into my first fiction. There is an erotic heroine’s story that is ready to be told, who is a mother of a daughter, they both heal in different ways about different issues yet both returns home to the same place of peace, confidence, honor and celebration of a woman’s worth, her body, her sexuality and her sacredness. Read More →