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Intimate Conversation Live with Alicia Isaacs Howes

Have you ever wondered how money is actually connected to our relationships? Who would have thought? How self worth and net worth can play a major role? Well, this week on Intimate Conversations Live, we will have the amazing, Alicia Isaacs Howes to shed some light on this very interesting subject.

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How to enjoy your body and celebrate the way it gloriously is.

How to enjoy your body blogSo I’ve been ‘on the road’ for a month and a half, out of my usual workout regime. Some weeks I’ll hike three times, other weeks I’ll sit on my cute ass in a cabin and write. I haven’t pole danced in over TWO MONTHS and I think I’ve put on about 3 pounds… not huge, but my jeans are tight.

We each have our own relationship with our body, whether we’re an elite athlete or carrying 50+ pounds… and given I started my relationship with my body hating it, scrutinizing it, taking laxatives, poking, prodding and finding fault with EVERY glance in the mirror, unable to sit relaxed with friends for worry I would let go of sucking in my belly… NOW I am super grateful to make friends with my few extra pounds. Read More →

Letting Go & Starting Fresh

So I didn’t PLAN to let go and start fresh. I PLANNED to have everything under control, look good, have a predictable fabulous life with no uncomfortable surprises only expansive joy… you know, kumbaya and bunny rabbits.

And yet as things went from challenging to atrocious for my son (and me), no amount of trying, working on it, making it happen created the peace I desired in my parenting. When on quiet works, in my dance practice or on early calls with my mastermind or coaches, the quiet whisper of “let go” arose… Read More →

Myth or fact…after the honeymoon phase of love…romance fizzles?

Honeymoon phaseHave you ever had a more ‘shallow’ existence…like me back in high school where I had to have Vans, Esprit clothes, Benetton sweaters etc… I was into the high… the new outfit, looking ‘in’ at school… yet it would wear off within a week and I’d need the right purse to be cool, or the right boyfriend, later the right job, live in the right area… all these external circumstances that had this huge hit of pleasure, that rush of enough’ness and then I would be struck with the inevitable lows of pain, of not fitting in, of not being cool, of being a loser, not enough, a has been.

I would like to say that ended in high school but it lasted well into my late 20’s, sprinkled through out my 30’s and now in my 40’s occasionally happens when I see an email from a colleague who hits 7 figures, a best seller, a sold out class… I still notice how I compare myself to others to be enough and think that if only I accomplish ‘X’, I’ll have eternal peace, power and pleasure. Read More →

Tell Your Story, then RETELL your Story

Andy SteinhauserI was on Andy Steinhauser’s LA Talk Radio Show last night. He asked me to tell my story. He asked me to really break down the steps it took to go from never having coached, to coaching as a volunteer, to working for coaching organizations, to starting my own business, to becoming as known as I am and what I’m planning for the future.

He was touched by how many mistakes I was willing to reveal that will save you time, money and heartache… and yet every lesson I told about my business was a LIFE lesson, a RELATIONSHIP lesson, a SOUL lesson… how we do anything IS how we do everything.

What’s wild that I’m learning is that as I share my journey, and articulate the lessons, give tools for you to get there, and literally EMBODY RESONATE and BE the energy of the ‘other side’… YOU have the opportunity to en-train to my energy and HAVE the healing yourself. Or at least be welcomed to walk through the door to what’s possible for you… you actually KNOW (not hope) you can do it to, professionally and personally. Read More →

Can a relationship survive after the unthinkable happens?

Allana PrattYes, infidelity. And yes, it can totally survive. Yet it’s not as simple as that.

I have this capacity, a gift I would say. I am highly sensitive. It sure made growing up tough as bullies really hurt my feelings.. and yet my ‘wrongness’ was actually a ‘strongness’ as my friend and colleague Dr. Dain says… my capacity to be highly sensitive to what’s REALLY going on makes me an effective counselor when something as intense as infidelity happens.

9 times out of 10, the infidelity is a symptom of something else going on in the relationship that was unspoken. One or both of the couple was unwilling to communicate when their needs weren’t being met. The couple almost never had a true “here’s the deal” talk about sex when they got together or got married. They didn’t face what would happen if one wanted to have sex with someone else. They just assumed it would never happen, or thought talking about it would MAKE it happen! Exactly the opposite!!! Talking about the deal lets you know what each is expected to provide for the deal to work. Read More →