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It all lead to this… The past 21 days I have been completely transformed by being Brave, Bold, and Raw with each of you. This journey together began with a dream (Kelly Sullivan-Walden) and came to the climax as I spoke with Adam Gilad about cultivating intimacy, wealth, and spirit (and Earth Root!). It went by SO fast! This whole experience has been delicious ’till the last drop!!

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This week of Brave, Bold & Raw was intense, enlightening, and full of deliciousness!  I’ve really been looking forward to this week, because we finally get to hear from a few of our brilliant and sexy… MEN! Yum! Everyone was so amazing, and I’m really grateful for each and every moment!

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I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing so many amazing people this week on Brave, Bold & Raw, I’m still getting goosebumps!  I interviewed with one of my biggest inspirations, a gorgeous 4 x Grammy award winning artist, and so many other just AWESOME people!  Here are some juicy highlights on what we’ve been up to during the past week. We got raw, emotional, and a little naughty!

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Brave, Bold, & Raw has been SO much fun so far!  WOW!  I can’t believe that it’s already more than half way over! I hope you have had the pleasure of listening, watching & chatting with me and these bold, sexy, and just AMAZING ladies.  Here are some juicy highlights on what we’ve been up to during past week. We got deep, sensual, and even talked about pole dancing!

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Brave Bold and Raw: A Few Highlights So Far

I can’t believe we are already on day 6 of Brave Bold and Raw!  It has been SO delicious, open, fun, and even a little bit naughty!  I have had the pleasure of speaking with some of the most amazing, bold, and beautiful ladies! Were you there?  Here is a juicy little re-cap on the past 3 days: Read More →

Brave Bold and Raw: Day 1 Highlights

Have you made the move to be Brave Bold and Raw?  Did you join me last night as I talked about what inspired me to create 21 unforgettable conversations about energy, relationships, consciousness and bold authentic truth?

There was snorting, there was farting, and two minutes into the call we were already talking about Harley boots and self pleasure.

In case you missed it, here are some highlights and quotes of the night…

“Never again live a tame, meek, and obedient existence! Be BOLD!”

“Orgasmically making love with life.”

“Listen and hear the subtle whispers of the universe.”

“Open to the possibility that miracles can happen.”

“A magnetic, orgasmic, vortex of delight!”

“Talk to the hand!”

“Sure as Shit!”

“Falling down is a success.”

“Anywhere you have been unkind to you, let’s stop now.”

“We are not alone, we are inherently connected”

“Ladies Clinch Your Vagina.”

Now that you know what you missed, be sure to sign up now and get a reminder each night as we are Brave Bold and Raw!