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Dating for over 40’s- What Boomers are looking for in a Relationships


I’m 46 and feel the sexiest of my entire life. OK, at least most of the time. Last trip to Maui I got triggered by a 20 yr. old cellulite stretch mark wrinkle free babe at the beach and considered moving back to join the blue haired bingo girls and getting wasted.

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Choosing to Design Change

Throwback to 2012:


One of my best friends, Cathy Yost from Canada, gave me this exercise about choosing a word for 2012. We’re getting up early tomorrow morning to talk on Skype to have our first delicious connection of the year, can’t wait to hear her word!

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Why Does Dating Equal Devotion?

Q:  Is the concept of “testing the waters” lost?  Whatever happened to the freedom of dating before being in a committed relationship?  Why do some women believe dating means devotion to only them?

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10 Questions to Change your Marriage


Is this meant to be?  Should we stay together?  What’s the point?  Is divorce an option?  So many ask me those questions and more – they want my years of experience to guide their hearts.  The first thing we do is the following practice that I would like to share with you.  Take a moment, read through the questions, close your eyes, breath, open them, and begin answering them, one by one.  If you find you are still lost, remember – I am only an email away.

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Losing All Hope

Question: Allana, I feel so trapped. I’m in a loveless sexless marriage and I am so far from everything. Far from friends, family – we are currently stationed overseas. I don’t have any money as I don’t work here and I am losing all hope.

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Be Kind To My Erectile Dysfunction

Question: I am so tired of the double standard when it comes to sexual performance. If a woman is having an issue with her sexuality or is not in a mood, men are supposed to be sympathetic; but, if we are having ED problems or other related trouble getting it up – we are chastised for it. Why should there be a difference? Don’t both situations deserve compassion and tolerance?
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