Sisterhood Birthday Celebration!

Sisterhood Birthday Celebration!

photo-20How wild that it was my sister’s birthday AND my ‘sista’ Sarah’s birthday today!?

I took her for a birthday girl’s day out and got foot massages after she dropped her kids off at school. We went to Recess on Brand in Glendale and the waiter talked us into Bloody Mary’s. Ok, it wasn’t hard to talk us into that… yet on a work day? And it came with a warm piece of bacon on top? Orgasmic!

Then, we shared a bagel and lox, a side of strawberries and black berries AND another side of bacon. They also put these killer potatoes with it sautéed in olive oil with garlic and we dipped it in a mix of ketchup and Cholula! Again, savoring delicious conversation and letting the food be an orgasmic experience was completely juicy and awakening for us!

I brought all my tarot cards, dream cards, wild woman cards for her to get messages from the Universe when the waiter brought us these lovely little goodies flavored with rose and lavender! You’d think tasting a rose that it’d be all perfume-y, but it wasn’t. It was like inhaling a rose in your mouth… it was the same with the lavender. It reminded me of lavender cheese from the Farmer’s Markets in the summertime. It was orgasmic!

She didn’t send photos of us after our foot massages because my mascara was all clumped in a crazy pattern on my face, so you’ll just to imagine us in the dark, in total bliss, almost snoring at times. Okay, definitely SNORING at times when we fell asleep as the wonderful women massaged our whole bodies into even more bliss. Remind me why don’t we start every day like this?

If you want to know who has done the edgy awesome blond highlights for my summer look, yup, it’s Sarah at Salon Mix in Glendale. She honestly gives a way better scalp massage than the foot massage parlors… Sarah’s gifted!

Ahhh… what can you do with a friend this week to nourish your soul, your body, make yourself feel like the Queen that you are? Even if it’s painting one another’s toe nails if you’re on a budget, there’s never an excuse not to take some downtime to recharge. I’m super grateful for my amazing life, friends and the business I’ve created, because it allows me to spend yummy quality time with my friends like this. LIFE IS SO DELICIOUS!>

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