Sharing my Trip: Nova Scotia Nymphs!

Sharing my Trip: Nova Scotia Nymphs!



It was such a glorious day going down INTO the riverbed, doing some yoga, writing our wishes on the hard sand floor of the river, letting the tide wash it all away.





The tides looked like they were bringing back what I wished for!

We enjoyed a glorious meal in a cabana afterward… I am so humbled… was treated like a Queen. Thank you!



I’ve returned to a flow of support, opportunities and even the most male attention I’ve received in months!

My deep inner work healing my relationship with my son’s father has been wonderful.

My son’s development is doing so much better.

I have a friend moving in for the rest of the school year to help with my son while she explores the possibility of relocating to LA permanently.

Ahhhh! Life is good!

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