Liberate Your Soul and Be A Sexier, Happier Mom!

Liberate Your Soul and Be A Sexier, Happier Mom!

I just had another fun-filled weekend with my son doing the silliest things and it made me realize how he truly is the greatest gift that life has ever given me. We baked a cake which somehow turned into a massive cake fight. I can’t tell you how hard we both laugher. We were both covered with icing (as was the kitchen) and when my boyfriend walked in on us, we broke out into hysterics. It was so much fun, I can’t wait to do it again – though the cleaning up part – not as much fun.

If you would’ve told me 10 years that I would behave like that, I would’ve told you that you were nuts! You see, most of my life I was way too concerned with what other people thought of me to act out of the norm. I would’ve been afraid that other Moms would think that I was teaching my son bad manners, or would think I was acting childish. I would just dissolve into a puddle or nothingness if someone didn’t like what I did and I would do everything to convince them I was normal.

There are some many times I can think of that I just became paralyzed with fear based on someone else’s perception of what I “should” be doing and how I “should” be acting. So silly when I think about it now. I led my life more worried about what other people (sometimes people I barely even knew!) thought of me, instead of what I thought about myself. Then, I gave birth, and the whole world changed. It was like I had horrible vision and just received laser eye surgery – I could see! I was free!

I looked at my son and realized that I needed to be free to show him how to love himself and live a free, happy life. I remember my own Mom telling me that “You wouldn’t care so much about what people think of you if you knew how little they did.” At the time, I just rolled my eyes, but now, it’s the most powerful advice I’ve ever received.

And because of this outlook, I have the most amazing times with my son. I could care less if he gets dirty, if he misses his bedtime so we can watch a meteor storm, or misses a day of school so he can go an amazing trip with me. I want him to try everything, find what he loves and have no fear. His joy has shown me the importance of liberating my soul.

That liberation has spilled over to every aspect of my life. From time with my girlfriends to my romantic relationships. I’m able to jump in and have a good time no matter what the situation and without a care in the world that I may look silly. Of course I still worry now and again and sometimes let life’s little things get to me, but now it’s much easier to remind myself that joy is my choice, my responsibility, my gift to myself.

Being able to lovingly laugh at myself through life sustains that joy. Bless motherhood for pouring forth my wellspring of happiness.


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